How to Write a Break up Letter?

Published: 27th March 2009
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Break up letters must be written only if necessity is unavoidable, as a letter can be a proof of the content mentioned in it. Unless there is no other ways to communicate to the person that you want to break up, avoid writing this negative content in the form of a note. Well I know that it is better to pen than to speak. Hence here are some tips as to how to write a break up letter.

Always make sure that the letter of the break up does not contain any relationship quotes which would make the person feel emotional and just not accept the break up.

The letter must contain the facts of why the relationship cannot workout and why you have actually decided to end relationship. Also try and not make it end in a harsh manner by spilling in all the beans. Be polite and not just point out his or her mistake because every person feels she or he is correct in their own way. So make sure you say the truth about the flaws, but in a polite manner. Along with pointing out the other person's mistakes, also make sure you mention your own mistakes that you have realized. Also make it clear that you are not ready for those adjustments.

In the break up letter, it is better not to speak about the wonderful moments spent in the past and make it look like a more sorrow a romance. So that it doesn't become confusing for the reader to gauge whether it is a love letter or a break up letter! Not only that. But such memories in the letter might make it hard for both the writer and the reader to actually part ways. The break up lines used in the letter must be very precise and short and must be quick enough to note that this is a break up letter and for what exact reason. Like mentioned in the beginning, do not mention those highly personal stuff in your break up letter since the person in the letter would not be yours anymore nor would the letter be!

Ultimately, a break up letter must make the person feel that the relationship would not work out due to certain valid reasons and things would go better if the break up happens. And you must also understand that the entire relationship problem resulted due to flaws from both of them in building up a good relationship and not just one of them.

Also, it must not be in a sense of further enmity with the person, hence it is advisable that you apologize for any mistakes of yours and say no more enmities and no more relationship as well. The break should happen in a way that both of the people can feel completely convinced and can move along with without each other and with absolutely no regrets ever in the future.

The world is small due to which there are high chances of meeting old people newly again in another place therefore the break up letter should not be the cause of hatred and annoyance.

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